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Introdiction lyrics - Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip

I saw a dead fish on the pavement, and thought "what did you expect"
There's no water round here, stupid, should have stayed where it was wet...

Hello my name is Pip, and I would like to speak some lyrics,
Into this microphone that's amplified so you can hear it.
This piece of diction is the intro to 'Distraction Pieces',
That's all the shit that flies around my head and keeps me sleepless.

Such little food for thought my fucking brain feels anorexic;
So many typos when I write, oh, I'll claim I'm dyslexic.
I've got your poem here, I've put it in this envelope...
I'm setting fire to it; hope you all can read the smoke!

Most people where I live don't know me and I fucking like it!
Some people where I live don't like me and I fucking know it!
Some heads won't know my name or give me a look, since
I flow kinda strange like spina bifida footprints.

I flow kinda strange like spina bifida footprints

Nothing's original, I stole this flow from the creator,
And from some others too, can't think right now I'll name them later.
If I say 'fuck' a lot well then I may gain more attention;
If I say 'cunt' well then with some of you there will be tension.

I find this interesting 'cause in the end they are just words,
You give them power when you cower, man, it's so absurd.
But all that was covered by Lenny Bruce, back in the day.
Nothing's original, now I'm repeating what I say!

Paralysis through analysis could stop me here
But that'd just be an excuse to run in fear!
So I'll brandish the blandest man's anguish with a round fist,
Directed at the throat of any man that can withstand this.

I will brandish the blandest man's anguish with a round fist

I see these rappers that say things like 'no homo' and such;
It always seems maybe the lady doth protest too much...
I'm really speechless but I speak less than you might imagine
Sometimes I stutter and I sputter like the words are catching.

I'm known to write about the shit most people won't discuss;
Some find my music's too intrusive with their words and such.
You see a mouse trap, I see free cheese, and a fucking challenge!
But you stay quiet for fear of tipping the balance!

When it's horses for courses my horse is distorted
I bought it for four quid then forced it through horse shit!
We walked through these morbid remorseless discourses,
And discuss these disgusting new sources.

When it's horses for courses my horse is distorted

I've seen the world; I've seen the good and the shitty bits;
And all I've got to say is, "God damn, y'all are fucking idiots."
Some people heard my words and thought it meant they knew me
Truth is, I don't exist; I'm just the soundtrack to your movie!

Some background figure in a story that's already scripted,
And what I feel's just felt for you to hear me fucking spit it!
I jump in many different heads, through these words and poems;
Always hoping maybe the next leap will be my leap home.

Ziggy says that if I keep writing this shit
There's an eighty percent chance that Al can make it a pop hit.
But Al's an alcoholic and I'm a fucking schizophrenic,
So I'll close my eyes on this whole fucking world and that will end it...

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