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Heroism lyrics - Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip

(Take a deep breath now, you might need to call upon it later)

I'm fit to fight
My name is Pip
If luck be a lady tonight
Then baby I'm all about the dick
No shit, nah
Not a bit of billy bullshit
If something ain't right
Then you probably shouldn't force it
Fire in your eye?
Take it to the bridge and torch it

This ain't a game changer
Cause I ain't playing
I'm too old to feign danger
Shit, my hair is graying
Fuck your plain mangers
I was born in the rain
While a hoard of shamed strangers
Were calling my name
I'm Nicholas Cage
I could eat a beat for days
Retreat to seek the pace
Meet and greet the bass
Dress it up with words
Complete from feet to face
Secrete technique with grace
Defeating the need for haste

[Hook: x2]
I dream of heroism [x2]
I dream of hero-hero-heroism

It's my endeavor to weather like good leather
You should never sever the pain, it's not clever
Call me anything you want
Use any fucking letter
But please rest assured
I've been called worse by better
A fools worst endeavor
When false words are tethered
Is to run instead of just walk
Towards adverse weather
Measure the pleasure and pain till they're the same
And if ain't level pour it out and start it again

Consider me a little ploy to destroy and annoy
Your little ode to joy for the hoi polloi
Oy, it gets more dark
Than a rorschach blot mark
Read by an oligarch
On a fucking polygraph
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
They say you gotta laugh
Cover up your mental scars
With a little jolly mask
Put all your fears in a frown
And swallow them down
Like the tears of a clown
When no one's around

How you living like a piggie
In the middle of a ravine?
Trying to make your way out but you get
Stuck in the...
Is it...
Trying to make your way...
When you get...
Stuck in the...

It ain't about glass half full
Or glass half empty
Shut up and down what's left
Or fill that shit back up again, see

[Hook x2]

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